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Who is eligible for digital distribution ?

Any artist or band that has created an account & has agreed to the terms & conditions and the digital distribution agreement.

Am I giving away any rights to my music ?

No. You are only giving us the non-exclusive rights to deliver your music to digital music stores on your behalf.

Is my music guaranteed to be available in all stores ?

Unfortunately not. Each store has the right to refuse your release. Reasons for rejection could be:- The quality of the recording or artwork. The genre of your music is not accommodated by the store or abusive and extreme political content.

When will my music be available in the stores ?

Each shop ingests your release at different speeds. Any distribution that guarantees your release being online in all shops within 24 hours is simply not telling the truth! It really depends on how many releases the shop has waiting to be processed. Generally speaking though iTunes will go online within 24 hours & all other stores within a week.

How long will my release be available in the shops ?

Your release will be available for as long as your subscription or renewal fees have been paid or until you tell us to remove your release from the shops.

Will my release be available in all countries ?

If a shop is currently available in a particular country your release will be available. There are also hundreds of shops in different countries that you maybe do not even know about. Your release will also be available in these shops.

Can I Choose in which shops my music will appear?

No. At present we are currently offering a full worldwide service to all shops.

Can I Select in which countries my music will be available ?

No. At present your music will appear in shops worldwide.

How do I know when my release is available in shops ?

iTunes is currently the only store sending feedback to us that a release has gone live / online. For all other stores you will have to search periodically to check availability

Another Artists/ Band has the same name. Will this affect my royalties?

No. The unique UPC number allocated to your release is used to track and pay for sales. Please be careful though, some Artist / Band names are registered as trade marks and could therefore create potential trade mark infringements.

Do I have to own the rights to the music I release?

You must own the rights or have been given permission by the rights owner and have your release approved by them. This applies to cover versions, Re-mixes & for the use of sampled pieces of music, vocals, radio, film or TV samples used within your release.

What type of audio files can I submit for distribution?

We only accept 16bit WAV files. Although your music will be sold in various formats the most shops require a WAV file and then convert to the  formats themselves. If tou need help converting your audio please visit the how to section on our website.

In what format must my cover artwork be?

Artwork must be a JPG with a resolution of 3000 x 3000 pixels and RGB. PLEASE NOTE:- cover artwork may not contain email addresses, URL's, graphics containing prices. If you are scanning your artwork from a physical CD please remove any stickers. If you need any help converting your artwork to the required format please visit the how to section on our website If you require a professional cover please visit our artwork section on the website.

Do I need to register or copyright my music before delivering to the shops ?

In theory your music is copyrighted the instant you composed it. You are not required to register prior to uploading your music to Danmark Digital. We recommend that you register your songs with the respective organization in your country of residence to protect your creative work.

How do I remove my music from the stores ?

You can remove you music by requesting a "Takedown" from within your artist dashboard. Please note that it can take up to four weeks to remove your music from all shops and a small fee is charged due to the amount of manual work required to remove music from the shops.

When my release is online what changes or corrections can I make ?

After your release has been delivered you are restricted to what you can actually change. Therefore it is imperative that you check and re-check your release before delivering to the stores. If there are errors in your release then the Wizard you guide you through the changes that are allowed. Please note:- Any changes will be subject to a small update fee.

Now that my music is online in the shops, can I edit the information that they display about my band / release ?

The stores do not provide the option to edit your bands information / pictures/ etc. Many shops grab this information from sites like and (AMG). Please make sure that your information is up to date on these sites. (If you are registered with them).

What if my music does not appear in all shops listed on the Danmark Digital website? Do I get a refund ?

No. We cannot guarantee that your release will go online in all shops. Each shop has the right to refuse your music.

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My Account : My Money : My Music

Does it cost me anything to create an account ?

No. You can create an account, upload audio, artwork and investigate our services free of charge. You only pay when you are ready to release your music.

Is the digital distribution subscription fee a one-time fee ?

No, it is a yearly fee. Your subscription will be renewed automatically each year.

When will I be charged for digital distribution ?

You will be charged for the first year once you have selected "Get my music online now". The annual renewal fee will be charged automatically exactly one calendar year later.

I submitted & paid for my release but want to cancel the submission before it is delivered to the stores. Can I Do this ?

No. Our system works in "Real Time" allowing us to be one of the fastest distribution services available. Meaning once all information, audio & artwork has been submitted through Danmark Digital's Wizard or dashboard and payment has been made your release is already on it's way to the stores. To stop this process or remove a release you will have to request a "Take down" from your artist dashboard.

If I cancel my subscription before the end of the first year will I receive a percentage refund ?

No. Your subscription covers our storage costs, bandwidth, administration & accounting of your release. Even if you cancel your subscription we still have to store and administrate this release until it has been removed from all stores worldwide and then account to you for any remaining sales.

I have uploaded my music and artwork but do not want to release it. How can delete my account?

We are sorry to see you go! Please contact us via the contact menu point in the dashboard. Simply choose "Remove my account" from topic menu, instruct us to delete your account in the message field and we will delete your account within 48 hours

How do I cancel my subscription ?

Firstly you have to request a takedown (remove music) from the stores within your artist dashboard. Then contact us via the contact form within the artist dashboard using the topic "Cancel my yearly subscription". You account with us will remain active until all royalties and payments owed to you have been collected from the shops. We will then payout the outstanding balance and remove your account.

Why do you charge to take down / remove my music from the stores?

Unfortunately getting your music on-line in the shops is much easier than removing it! Many shops are geared up to accept automated deliveries of music but removing it is manual work. Also once your music has been removed from the stores royalties may still be owed to you for up to 4 months after and this small fee covers all of the administration involved.

Will I be charged for a UPC code & does it then belong to me ?

We do not charge for UPC codes. If you cancel your subscription with Danmark Digital then you can buy the UPC code from us for a small fee. Please contact us per email for more information.

Can I move my music from one account to another ?

At present you cannot move your music between accounts. You will have to request a takedown in your dashboard and re-submit your music in the other account. Please contact us per email if you require assistance.

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My Money : My Music : My Account

When do I get my sales reports and money ?

Generally we receive sales statements & payment around two months after the date of sale. So if your music was sold in January you will receive your 100% payment in March. Some shops report to us quarter yearly meaning that sales generated in January, February and March will be paid out at the earliest in April or May.

How do I receive my money ?

Money owed to you will be paid out on a monthly basis to either your PayPal account details given within your Dashboard or transferred to the bank account details given in the dashboard. You can enter this information under the menu point "Manage account.

How do I know if I have been paid ?

We do not send out notifications that payments have been made so please check either your PayPal account or your bank statements. However within your dashboard under the menu "Sales & Reporting" you can see the current balance owed to you, a history of payments made to you an also a history of your sales statements clearly showing each months sales.

What are the iTunes Trend reports?

The iTunes trend report shows unofficial activity that occurred for your music during 1 week at the iTunes store. The report runs from Monday to Sunday and can generally be viewed within your dashboard Wednesday of every week. Please note these trend reports are not a direct reflection of your sales, they are just a guideline. You actual sales statement will be available two months after the month of sale.

Do the shops keep any money from selling my music ?

Yes generally stores that sell actual download like iTunes and Amazon keep between 30 and 40% of the sales price. For stores that offer streaming or subscription services you receive a proportional percentage share from the total number of streams or subscriptions from such services. Please note these amounts appear to be very small but the this is because the music has been streamed or subscribed and not actually purchased. Many of these streams or subscription generate paid downloads in other stores and are a great promotional opportunity. REMEMBER we keep nothing from your sales. You get 100% of what we receive.

What happens with the mechanical royalties ?

If a sale of your music occurred in the US then the mechanical payment is included in the payment we receive and forward 100% to you. You are responsible to pay out the mechanical royalties you receive to whoever owns or control the compositions. If the sale occurred outside the US the shops pay the mechanical share directly to the collecting society in the country of sale. They are then responsible to forward this to the rights owner.

Why do I see a minus or negative sale on my sales statement?

This means that a download was broken, corrupt or was not able to be paid for by the person buying you music. Sometimes the minus can apply to a sale that happened in the previous month.


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