Artwork & Booklets

Digital cover artwork and iTunes booklet.
Danmark Digital has a professional in-house graphic designer with over 10 years of experience to offer you custom designed digital cover artwork, iTunes booklets and even artwork for physical CD covers and booklets.

Our graphic designer will listen to your ideas, make suggestions, enhance your existing design and photographs and optimize your artwork to help your cover art stand out above the rest.

How it works.

Simply create a free account and click on the album cover / itunes booklet icon in your artist dashboard. Then enter a concise description of your ideas or express that you are looking for creative ideas for your release, contact information and attach any files for example demo layouts, photographs, logoʼs and text ideas as a single .zip file in the contact form.

Our graphic designer will then review your ideas and files and enter into a dialog with you to guarantee the best possible customized design to compliment your release.
The typical turnaround time is generally 5 to 10 working days. Our graphic designer will present you with a layout for your approval or for comments (within reason) and then finalize the design.
Once you have approved the artwork it will be made available for download in your artist dashboard after completing the relative payment.
To view the prices for Digital covers, iTunes booklets please visit pricing on our website.

What is an iTunes digital booklet.

Digital booklets are a great and low cost way to enhance the experience of your fans and share more information about you as an artist or band and your music.

iTunes digital booklets replace the traditional CD booklet and offer multiple pages of information, pictures, lyrics and biographical information. These booklets are attached to your release in the iTunes music store and when a fan buys your release the digital booklet is attached free of charge. The main benefit of digital booklets is that the fan must buy the complete album (not just one song) to receive the booklet therefore generating more sales. If you require more information regarding iTunes digital booklets or want us to create one for you please create a free account and click on the album cover / itunes booklet icon in your artist dashboard.