Professional mastering

How can professional mastering improve your recordings?

Mastering uses dynamic processors and effects such as compression, limiters, maximizers and EQʼs to enhance, balance and improve your recordings considerably.
Every song you hear on the radio has been mastered so if you want your recordings to compete with the rest then you will need to have your tracks tweaked and controlled to make them stand out.

After mastering you can generally expect more clarity, more punch, a much more direct feeling and an overall increased volume.
Our partner mastering facility is also an official iTunes mastering studio allowing us to make the perfect sound to compliment the audio formats used by iTunes.

Clients include:

Alt J, Zoot Woman, Mute, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Garbage, The Blue Van, Depeche Mode, Jamiroquai, Ministry of Sound, Universal, Sony/BMG, Warner, EMI, Def Jam and many more......

What do I need before mastering my music?

Mastering can work wonders on a mix but not miracles!
You will need to have a mix that you are happy with and that represents how you should sound.
You will need all of your mixes as 24 bit .wav files, song titles (not working names) and the relative composer and lyricist information. We will do the rest.

So How does it work?

Simply sign up and create a free account.
In your artist dashboard click on the mastering symbol and our Wizard will guide you through the necessary steps to get your music mastered by award winning mastering engineers.
Once you have entered the information, uploaded your files and completed the payment we will inform you when you master will be ready and subsequently forward you a link to download your finished master.

For more information regarding our mastering service please visit the following link.

Professional mix

How can a professional mix help your recordings?

Mixing is an art for itself. Due to the technology available today nearly every recording artist can make presentable mixes.

A professional mix engineer can add another dimension to your music, take you places you never thought you could go and provide a fresh set of ears to add that missing sparkle, dirt or attitude that gives your music the identity it deserves.

Our mix package has been designed to optimize your music, your recordings and your talent.

We will team you up with a mix engineer that suites your specific style.

You will receive a professional review of your recordings, advice, constructive comments and maybe a few tasks or corrections along the way that could be made before starting the mix process. Then you simply upload the individual tracks and the process begins.

We strive to offer up-coming artists the same opportunities available only to artists signed to major labels giving artists the same tools, same sound and same quality allowing them to make their mark in the modern music industry.

How it works?

Not everything can be made to sound better than it already is. Some mixes are great as they are, some mixes need some work and other mixes are simply not workable.

Therefore the first step is to upload your own version as it is, a monitor mix, rough mix or a demo as a reference point to help us to find the best engineer to fit your style and to assess if it is worth it for you to spend your money.

This can be done via your artist dashboard. We will then connect you directly with the chosen engineer and arrange the upload or delivery of the individual tracks. You will then have a dialog with the engineer and have the opportunity to share your ideas, sound and direction.

You will receive a sample mix giving you the chance to make any changes and confirm that everyone is going in the right direction. Any alterations will then be made and the mix is

If you have any questions please contact us